‚ÄčWhat should I bring?  -  Who has to attend?

A-1 Velocity - Traffic Survival School




Payment is made the day you attend class.

We accept:

Cash, checks, debit/credit cards, & money order

What should you bring

to class?

. . . Bring your Corrective Action Notice from ADOT or; court appointed paper-work you may have. 

. . . Bring a photo ID.  Any kind, as long as it has your current photo.  Like a drivers license, passport, student ID, etc.

  $115. . . accepting cash, checks *  

    money order or debit-credit cards. . . Pay when you attend

*All checks must be from

a well-known bank,

all credit cards will be

charged $4 to process

through our SquareCard system.

. . . you're welcome to bring

your snacks, drinks,

medications, and your lunch

                 (there will be a lunch-break)

Who has to attend? 

  • Most drivers are notified by ADOT / Motor Vehicle Division, using the US Mail.  Drivers are given 60 days to complete a Traffic Survival School class; pending a drivers license Suspension. 
  • Some drivers are court ordered to attend, in the case of a DUI (for example).
  • Drivers ages 18 and under are required to attend; for any traffic violation.
  • If you have accumulated between 8 - 12 points and have paid the ticket to the court, or attended a Defensive Driving course; you will also need to attend a Traffic Survival School class.
  • All red-light violations, whether by law-enforcement officer, or by camera; are required to attend.
  • Some drivers may need to attend if they have an out-of-state ticket that requires Traffic Survival School completion.

    Follow us:

Flat fee is $115


Payment made the day you attend class

We accept:

Cash, checks, debit/credit cards, & money order


Please call 480-479-0901

prior to attending your class;

if you have any questions.


Our Pricing

All classes offered by A-1 Velocity Traffic Survival School @ any location; is $115, total fee*

*The only extra charge is $3 if you lost, or didn't bring your

Corrective Action Notice (CAN) from ADOT. 

We will need to find it, thru MVD & print it for you.

There are no other hidden costs

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You are also welcome to text / call:  480-479-0901, 

so we assist you in person.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions, or concerns.

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