A​-1 Velocity

Traffic Survival School


                                         "ALL OF YOUR CALLS ARE ANSWERED BY A PERSON"                  



$115 affordable fee​ - Pay when you attend



A1 Velocity TSS

Classes are held at our


123 N. Centennial Way

Suite 150

Mesa, AZ 85201

(480) 479-0901


8:00am - 4:30pm


A1 Velocity TSS

Classes are held at our

 Living Messiah Ministries office

(Downtown Mesa)

19 North Robson, #106

Mesa, Arizona 85201

(480) 479-0901


8:00am - 4:30pm



are welcome,

prior to 7:45 am

Call 480-479-0901

to let me know you're on your way.



"Traffic Survival School

is NOT the same as

Defensive Driving School"

  • Traffic Survival School is administered for the purpose of regaining or retaining your Suspended, or Revoked drivers license. through the Motor Vehicle Division. All red-light tickets, whether received by camera or by law enforcement officer; MUST attend a Traffic Survival School / 8 hour in-classroom course. The Traffic Survival class is NOT offered as an on-line option.
  • Defensive Driving Class is an option given by the court instead of paying a fine.  Defensive Driving is a 4 hour course and can be taken on-line or in person. It can only be taken once in  12 months.                      

  • NOTE:  A Defensive Driving class will NOT be credited toward; or in place of; a Traffic Survival School class.


We are licensed by the National Safety Council (NSC) contracted to administer

the ADOT / MVD Traffic Survival School programs.



All instructors at A-1 Velocity Traffic Survival School are certified through the State of Arizona - A Chapter of the National Safety Council (NSC) contracted to administer

the ADOT / MVD Traffic Survival School program.


The curriculum used at

A-1 Velocity

is research-based

using the Choice Theory concept; by psychologist

Wm. Glasser

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A-1 Velocity Traffic Survival School, LLC is an engaging and interactive learning environment.  You are encouraged to ask questions and make comments for clarification;

anytime during classroom instruction. 

     A certificate of completion is generated for each person that attends the entire 8-hour course.    A completion certificate is sent directly to Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) and you are immediately credited for your attendance. 

The following day, after completing this class, you may login to MVD website below, using your drivers license number to check on status of your license.  

  MVD website is www.servicearizona.com